Joey's Lunch - Lunch Time Song.

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls beans and rice. Presenting joey's lunch. On today's menu the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the perfectly ripe banana, the apple juice and the peppermint. Today a little bit of just for you. Well lunch time is your favorite time for lunch on the tasty banana phone in the bunch wontt you trap peanut butter jelly time a tasty twill forgot peppermint itss lunch time oh yeah. Thank you! Thank you! And that was joeys lunch. have you had some apple juice today?

Joey's Lunch - Soccer.

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls dots and berries. Presenting Joey's lunch. On todayss menu the classic deli sandwich, the double cheese sticks and the plum. Today is gouda and swiss and the final of the plum bowl of the champion cheers. Plum bowl! Gouda is out to be approach swiss is holding a plum she is pulling away from gouda! Score the goal! Swiss begun the champion cheers! and that was Joey's lunch. Have you had some milk today?

Joey's Lunch - The Tango.

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls apples and oranges. presenting joeys lunch. on today's menu the leftover chicken, the squeezy cheese treats, and the vegetables. Today a Tango. May i? Bring a yum. This is called the tango! Da da da da! Hey i Am a cucumber. Thank you! thank you! And that was joeys lunch. Hey! Have you had some vegetables today?

Joey's Lunch - Moby Grape.

ladies and gentlemen boys an girls peas and carrots. Presenting joeys lunch. On todayss menu the balogna sandwich, the grapes and the cookie. Today a tale of a classic story moby grape. Imagine we are on the boat the betsy look its a giant whale its moby grape there she blows! Thank you thank you! And that was joeys lunch. Have you had sime fruit today?

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