Part 1

Nick Jr. Face Wishes Us A Good Morning

Potty-Training Spike / The Art Fair After being scolded for his own bad habits, Chuckie tries to potty-train Spike; Angelica appears to be a gifted artist. Note: This Episode aired Exactly 1 Day after The Mother,s Day Special.

Part 2

Allegra's Window Promo Weekdays At 1:00/12:00c

Disney's The Little Mermaid #28 Re-Release

Hoppin Poppin Spaceballs

Tyco R/C

Cocoa Puffs Commercial

Chicken Limbo Commercial

Nick Jr. Promo Weekdays

Nick Jr. Seal I.D.

Nick Jr. Face Were A Disguise

Nick Jr. Promo Weekdays

Nick Jr. Face Love the Rain

Maurice Sendak's Little Bear Hiccups/Date With Father Bear/Pudding H Little Bear has invited his friends over to play but they must be quiet because Father Bear is reading the paper.

Part 3

Nick Jr. Face Spins Around

Up Next ID (9:30a Blue's Clues/10:00a The Busy World Of Richard Scarry)

Nick Jr. VHS Song (1997)

The Lost World: Jurassic Park Toys From Matchbox

Chuck E' Cheeses Commercial

2 Dirt Devil Mop Vacuum Commercial

Nick Jr. Promo Weekdays

Nick Jr. Hipbo I.D.

Up next your first chance to catch this weeks Blue's Clues

Nick Jr. Face Opens for Blue

Blue's Clues

Blue's Story Time

Steve invites the viewer in. He explains to the viewer that it is story time and he is just about to read a story Steve gets ready to read the book

Part 4 

Nick Jr. Face Turns Into Different Things (Max Version)
Nick Jr. Face the Robot

Up Next ID (9:30a Blues Clues/10:00 The Busy World of Richard Scarry)

Gullah Gullah Island Promo (Weekdays at 11:30/10:30c)

Power Wheels Commercial (by Fisher-Price)

Keeber Commercial (Fix the Fudge Fountain)

Zoo Books Magazines Commercial
Glow in the Dark Better Blocks Commercial

Allegra's Window Promo (Weekdays at 11:00/10:00c)

Nick Jr. ID - Dogs

Up next your second chance to catch this weeks Blue's Clues

Nick Jr. Face Sings We Are Looking For Blue's Clues

Blue's Clues

What Story Does Blue Want to Play

Steve & Blue have been putting on plays based on stories from books. We also take a look at all sorts of different stories. When Blue knocks some books out of bookshelf, we take the time to put them back on the shelf and also help some lost characters get back to the proper storybooks that they belong in. Later, we skidoo to Storybook Forest, where we help out Bunny to make a play with us & Steve is the star. Blue wants to play The 3 little pigs. Steve is the wolf and Blue is the pigs When Steve helps with Bunny's story as the king and does acting bits involving it, he acts a lot like Elvis

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