Nick Jr Face Gets Wet

Face: Hi There, It's Me Face.

Face: Look At Me! I'm All Wet.

Face: See I Am All Wet!

Eureeka, Allegra, Binyah Binyah, Little Bear, Rupert, Huckle and Lowly: You're All Wet.

Face, Eureeka, Allegra, Binyah Binyah, Rupert, Huckle and Lowly: You're All Wet!

Face: Have a Great Day On Nick Jr.! (Trumpets)

(All Giggles)

Nick Jr. Face Sees a Bird


Right Now, Nick Junior? (Trumpets) Is Going to Take a Short Break! See You Later!

Nick Jr. Face Is Humping


Hello Everybody, It's Me, Face.

(Humping) I'm Humping.

Do You Like Humping. Let's Try It Together. Ready?

One, Two, Three!

(Humping) Next Is Abby's Friends. 

Right Here on Nick Jr.!

(Trumpets, Giggles)

Nick Jr. Face Goes To Bed

Hello Everybody, It's Me Face.

(Yawning) Going To Bed Is Making /me Tired.

Right Now I Have To Go To Bed.

And Then I Need to Take A Rest

And So We Are Going to Say Goodbye. So?

Goodbye, So Long, See You Later.

On Nick Jr.!

(Trumpets, Giggles)

Nick Jr. Face Sings the ABCs

A, B, C, D, E, F, G. Nick Junior? (Trumpets) We'll be Right Back, After These Messages. See You Later!

Nick Jr Face Shouts Alvin!


Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Nick Jr.? (Trumpets) We'll be Right Back!

Nick Jr Face the Xylophone

Hi There, It's Me Face.

Face the Xylophone

Do You See the Colors of the Xylophone.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.

So? Nick Jr.! (Trumpets) We'll be Right Back! (giggles)

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