Nick Jr. Australia 1981 Face Promos

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Nick Jr Face Has a Cookie for a Nose

Hi There, It's Me Face.

And Do You Have a Middle in Your Face? It's a Cookie!

I've Got a Cookie. You Got it!

I Have a Cookie for a Nose.

Nick Jr.? (Trumpets) We'll be Right Back!


Nick Jr Face sings Gullah Gullah Island

Hi There, Face Here.

And You're Watching Nick Jr.! (Trumpets)

Sing with Me! Let's all Go to Gullah Gullah Island

Come on and Let's Play Together and Let's all Go to Gullah Gullah Island.

Gullah Gullah!

Binyah Binyah! (Giggles)

Nick Jr Face opens Allegra's Window

Hi There, It's Me Face.

Next is Allegra's Window on Nick Jr.! (Trumpets, Giggles)

Nick Jr Face Announces a Special Song

Hey There, Face Here.

and now!!!!

Get Ready for a Special Song for Allegra and Lindi (Giggles)

They are Buddies.

Dear Friends,

and There Singing.

on Nick Jr. Video! (Trumpets, Giggles)

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