1. Blue's Big Marathon Bumper (Incomplete Version)

2. Blue's Clues Credits

3. Blue's Clues - What Does Blue Want to Build?

4. Is Nick Jr. For... (Version 1)

5. Blue's Big Marathon Promo

6. Face Bumper: Face The Superhero: Blue's Clues Version

7. Nick Jr. Snakes Bumper

8. Blue's Clues - Blue's Sad Day (Premiere)

8. Face Bumper: Jungle Boogie

9. Jungle Boogie: Playing

10. Blue's Big Marathon Bumper (Incomplete Version)

11. Nick Jr. Hawaiian Bumper

12. Face Bumper: Searching For Blue

13. Blue's Clues What Does Blue Want To Make?

14. Face Bumper: The Big City

15. Winky Love: Taxi Cab

16. Blue's Clues Commmercial

17. Nick Jr. Is Just For Me Bumper

18. Nick Jr. Fish Bumper

19. Face Bumper: Blue's Clues

20. Blue's Senses

21. Nick Jr. Giraffes Logo

22. Face Bumper: Announces For Max

23. Max and His Alphabet Adventures: The Moon Mission

24. Blue's Big Marathon Bumper (Incomplete Version)

25. Chicken Limbo

26. Is Nick Jr. For... (Version 2)

27. Nick Jr. Giraffes Bumper

28. Face Bumper: Face Painted: Blue's Clues Version

29. Blue's Clues: What Does Blue Want To Make Out Of Recycle Things?

30. Face Bumper: Silly Hats: Show and Tell Version

31. Show and Tell: Polka The Dog

32. Blue's Big Marathon Bumper

33. Nick Jr. Ostrich Blocks Bumper

34. Face Bumper: Mixing Colors Together: Blue's Clues Version

35. Blue's Clues: Prereading!

36. Nick Jr. Dogs Logo

37. Face Bumper: Joey's Lunch

38. Joey's Lunch: Moby Grape

39. Nick Jr. Ducks Bumper

40. Face Bumper: Fruit Face: Blue's Clues Version

41. Nick Jr. Dinosaurs Logo

42. Face Bumper: Face The Frog: Jungle Boogie Version

43. Jungle Boogie: Scratching

44. Lucky Charms Commercial

45. Nick Jr. Penguins Bumper

46. Face Bumper: Balloon Trick: Blue's Clues Version

47. Blue's Clues: What Does Blue Want To Do On A Rainy Day? (premiere)

48. Face Bumper: Announces Lowly Worm and Huckle Cat

49. Play It Safe: Recycling Song

50. Nick Jr. Kitty Bumper

51. Face Bumper: Tennis Match: Blue's Clues Version

52. Magenta Comes Over!

52. Face Bumper: Face Opens A Question

53. Flexi's Little Big Question: Stomach Growling

54. Nick Jr. Piano Bumper

55. Face Bumper: Cold: Blue's Clues Version

56. Blue's Clues: Math!

Additional Bumpers were Nickelodeon 5 to 8 and The Secret World of Alex Mack 1998 promo