Part 1

  1. Nick Jr. Face Makes Train Sounds
  2. Little Big Room - Train
  3. Nick Jr. Face Shouts A Yahoo!
  4. Up Next ID (9:30a Blue's Clues/10:00a The Busy World Of Richard Scarry)
  5. Nick Jr. VHS Song
  6. The Lost World Jussaic Park Matchbox Commercial
  7. Chuck E' Cheeses Commercial
  8. Dirt Devil Mop Vac Commercial
  9. Nick Jr. ID - Crocodiles
  10. Blue's Clues - Number Two
  11. Nick Jr. Face Sings We Are Looking For Blue's Clues

Part 2

  1. Nick Jr. Face Loves Colors
  2. Nick Jr. Sings - Colors
  3. Nick Jr. Face Laughs
  4. Up Next ID (9:30a Blue's Clues/10:00a The Busy World Of Richard Scarry)
  5. Gullah Gullah Island Promo
  6. Hercules Teaser Trailer
  7. Cap N' Crunch Oops! All Berries! Commercial
  8. Burger King Kids Club - The Land Before Time Commercial
  9. Popsicle Fantasic Fruit Commercial
  10. Nick Jr. ID - Hippos
  11. Blue's Clues - Number Three
  12. Nick Jr. Face Does the Balloon Trick (Blue's Clues Version) 

Part 3

  1. Nick Jr. Productions
  2. Nick Jr. Face Opens A Gullah Gullah Jam Session
  3. Gullah Gullah Jam Session - Silly Sound Orchestra
  4. Nick Jr. Face Closes A Gullah Gullah Jam Session
  5. Nick Jr. Face Has A Faucet For A Nose
  6. Up Next ID (9:30a Blue's Clues/10:00a The Busy World Of Richard Scarry)
  7. Little Bear Promo
  8. Math Made Easy Commercial
  9. Oreck Commercial
  10. American Dental Association Commercial
  11. Nick Jr. ID - Chickens
  12. Blue's Clues - Number Four
  13. Nick Jr. Face Mixes Colors 

Part 4

  1. Nick Jr. Face Gets Ready For Little Big Room
  2. Little Big Room - Superheros
  3. Nick Jr. Face Laughs (Pink Version)
  4. Up Next ID (10:00a The Busy World Of Richard Scarry/10:30a Jim Henson's Muppet Babies)
  5. Allegra's Window Promo
  6. Disney's The Little Mermaid Coming To Theaters November 14th - 30th
  7. Hoppin Poppin Spaceballs Commercial
  8. Tantrum Tyco R/C Commercial
  9. Cocoa Puffs - Double Blast Of Hersery's With Barbie and Hot Wheels Commercial
  10. Chicken Limbo Commercial
  11. Nick Jr. New Fall Season Promo
  12. Nick Jr. ID - Seals
  13. Nick Jr. Face Is Cracked Up (The Busy World Of Richard Scarry Version)

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

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