1. Nick Jr. Face Sings we are looking for blue's clues Promo
  2. Blue's Clues - Nurture Promo
  3. Nick Jr. Face Shushes us
  4. Nick Jr. Face Announces Joey's Lunch
  5. Nick Jr. Joey's Lunch - Moby Grape
  6. Nick Jr. Face Tries Out Lots of Different Patterns
  7. Nick Jr. Blue's Clues Promo
  8. Nick Jr. Song Promo
  9. Nick Jr. Rabbit ID
  10. Nick Jr. Face VS. The Days of the Week
  11. Maggie and the Ferocious Beast Intro
  12. Hide and Go Beast Promo
  13. Maggie Ending
  14. Nick Jr. Face Garden
  15. Beast Screams and Falls off Promo
  16. Nick Jr. Face Loves Ice Cream
  17. Hotel Rooms Promo
  18. Nick Jr - Hippo
  19. Nick Jr Face Tries To Be Serious
  20. Little Bear Opening

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