• My Magic Genies Commercial
  • McDonald's Happy Meal - Littlest Pet Shop and Hot Wheels
  • Kellogg's Pop Tarts Commercial
  • Nestle Quik Cookies N' Cream Commercial
  • Nick Jr. ID - Elephants
  • Nick Jr. Face Practices His Coyote Call (Rupert Version)
  • Nelvana Logo
  • Nick Jr. Face Says Not To Worry
  • Muppet Time - Undercover Rover
  • Nick Jr. Face Says Hello
  • Nickelodeon Up Next ID (Gumby/The Adventures Of TinTin)
  • Six Flags Steer Of Celebration Commercial
  • E! Swiss Watch + Win Sweepstakes
  • Pro-Doh Commercial
  • Honey Nut Cheerios With Nickelodeon Smud Commercial
  • Rosie Commercial
  • Princess Gweneyere Commercial
  • U.S. Space Camp Commercial
  • Nickelodeon Kids Pick the President Commercial
  • Nickelodeon ID - Dogs on Stools

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