Nick Jr. Dora the Explorer The Complete Series 2 (2002 VHS) is a fan fiction thing to make.

Episodes Featured

  • Rojo the Fire Truck
  • The Magic Stick
  • Hide and Go Seek
  • Lost Map
  • Super Map
  • Lost Squeaky
  • A Present for Santa
  • Rapido Tico
  • The Happy Old Troll
  • The Big Storm
  • Quack Quack
  • Super Spies
  • The Golden Explorers
  • Leon the Circus Lion
  • To the Monkey Bars
  • School Pet
  • Doctor Dora
  • Egg Hunt
  • The Missing Piece
  • Dora la Musico
  • The Big Pinata
  • A Letter for Swiper
  • Pinto the Pony Express
  • Click!
  • El Dia de las Madres
  • Whose Birthday is It?


  1. Coming to Videocassette & DVD
  2. Charlotte's Web 1 and 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure VHS & DVD Teaser Trailer
  3. Now Available on Videocassette & DVD
  4. Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon: Holiday VHS & DVD Trailer
  5. Nick Jr. VHS Trailer (Little Bear, Blue's Clues, and Dora the Explorer)
  6. Paramount Means Family Entertainment VHS & DVD Trailer
  7. Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius VHS & DVD Trailer
  8. SpongeBob SquarePants VHS & DVD Trailer
  9. Paramount Feature Presentation/FBI Warning (90th Anniversary) (2002)
  10. Paramount Home Video (90th Anniversary) (2002)
  11. Nick Jr. Kids Opening Bumper (Little Bear, Blue's Clues, and Little Bill Variant)
  12. Face's Hat Collection (Short Version)
  13. Dora the Explorer Opening
  14. Rojo the Fire Truck
  15. Face in the Jungle (Short Version)
  16. The Magic Stick
  17. Face Eats a Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich (Short Version)
  18. Hide and Go Seek
  19. Face Watches a Parade (Short Version)
  20. Lost Map
  21. Face the Superhero (Short Version)
  22. Super Map
  23. Face Wears a Disguise (Short Version)
  24. Lost Squeaky
  25. Face Drinks a Glass of Milk (Short Version)
  26. A Present for Santa
  27. Face Exercises (Short Version)
  28. Rapido Tico
  29. Face Meets Little Bill (Short Version)
  30. The Happy Old Troll
  31. Face Thinks of Words That Are Opposite (Short Version)
  32. The Big Storm
  33. Face Counts Potatoes (Short Version)
  34. Quack Quack
  35. Face Sings the Blues (Short Version)
  36. Super Spies
  37. Face Sings Different Types of Music (Short Version)
  38. The Golden Explorers
  39. Face Sings The Alphabet Song (Short Version)
  40. Leon the Circus Lion
  41. Face Talks About Turning On and Off the Lights (Short Version)
  42. To the Monkey Bars
  43. Face the Traffic Light (Short Version)
  44. School Pet
  45. Face Spin Art (Short Version)
  46. Doctor Dora
  47. Face Tells Fruit Jokes (Short Version)
  48. Egg Hunt
  49. Face the Lion (Short Version)
  50. The Missing Piece
  51. Face and the Out of Control Curtain (Short Version)
  52. Dora la Musico
  53. Face Has a Leaf For a Nose (Short Version)
  54. The Big Pinata
  55. Face the Snowman (Short Version)
  56. A Letter for Swiper
  57. Face Makes Bird Sounds (Short Version)
  58. Pinto the Pony Express
  59. Face Makes Sheep Sounds (Short Version)
  60. Click!
  61. Face Sings the Yes/No Opera (Short Version)
  62. El Dia de las Madres
  63. Face Goes Underwater (Short Version)
  64. Whose Birthday is It?
  65. Face's Birthday on October 6th
  66. Face Shows Different Faces (Short Version)
  67. Nick Jr. Kids Closing Bumper (Little Bear, Blue's Clues, and Little Bill Variant)
  68. Dora the Explorer Credits (Rojo the Fire Truck, The Magic Stick, Hide and Go Seek, Lost Map, Super Map, Lost Squeaky, A Present for Santa, Rapido Tico, The Happy Old Troll, The Big Storm, Quack Quack, Super Spies, The Golden Explorers, Leon the Circus Lion, To the Monkey Bars, School Pet, Doctor Dora, Egg Hunt, The Missing Piece, Dora, La Musico, The Big Pinata, A Letter for Swiper, Pinto the Pony Express, Click!, El Dia de las Madres, and Whose Birthday is It?)
  69. Nick Jr. Productions (1999)
  70. Nick Jr. Monkeys Logo
  71. Nickelodeon Haypile Logo
  72. Paramount Home Video (90th Anniversary) (2002)

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