Nick Jr Face Opens For Blue

Hi There, Face Here.

And I Have a Very, Very, big! Introduction to Make.



Here it Comes! Introducing.

The One, The Only, The Very Very Blue?


Blue's Clues is Up Next here on Nick Jr!

(Trumpets, Giggles)

Nick Jr Face Sings We Are Looking For Blues Clues

We are Looking for Blue's Clues

We are Looking for Blue's Clues (Humming)

Oh Hi It's Me Face.

Get Ready to Look for Some Clues! Because

Blue's Clues is Coming up Next.

On Nick Jr.! (Trumpets, Giggles)

Nick Jr Face Rhymes (Full Version)

Hi there, it's me, Face.

And that's all the time we have for Nick Jr.

(Trumpets) Today! So...

I'll see you later, alligator

After while, crocodile.

Hey, hey! That's a good one. (giggles)

See you later, alligator

After while, crocodile.


Nick Jr Face Sings the Alphabet Song

A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

Hi There, Face Here.

H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P.

I'm Singing the Alphabet Song.

Q, R, S, T, U, V.


W, X, Y, Z. (Giggles) Blues Clues Is Up Next, Here on Nick Jr.! (Trumpets, Giggles)

Nick Jr Face Counts 4 Potatoes

Hi There, Face Here.

Hey Look! There's One Potato.

One, Two Potatoes.

One, Two, Three Potatoes.

One, Two, Three, Four Potatoes.

One Potato.

Two Potatoes. Three Potatoes. Four Potatoes.

Now It's Time for Another Visit From Blue!!!!!!

Right Here on Nick Jr.! (Trumpets, Giggles)

Nick Jr Face Loves Bubbles (Full Version)

Hi There Face Here.

Do You Know What my Favorite Thing About Taking a Bath is?

Here's a Hint. (Pop)


Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles.

(Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop)

I Love Bubbles!

Bubble Baths Make you Nice and Clean and Make you look great!

Don't Forget to Take your bath.

And I'll see you Next Week Right Here on Nick Jr.! (trumpets, giggles)

Nick Jr Face Gets his Face Painted

Face here.

I have to keep very still because I'm getting my face painted.


One of my eyes is a circle and the other is a square.

Now my mouth is a big rectangle. (giggles)

This paintbrush sure looks tickly (giggles, laughs)

Blue's Clues is next here on Nick Jr.! (trumpets, Giggles)

Nick Jr Face Tells Fruit Jokes (Full Version)

Hi, There. Face Here.

Look! I'm Orange.

Orange You Glad to be Watching Nick Jr.

(Trumpets, Giggles) I Hope You Feel is Good as I Do.

Cause i Feel Grape. (Giggles)

Right Now. I Have to Make Look Like a Banana. And SPLIT! (Giggles)

And I'll See You Again Tomorrow on Nick Jr.! (Trumpets, Giggles)

Nick Jr Face Loves Birthdays

I Love Birthdays.

and Especially love a Birthday Cake.

My Favorite Cake is the Yummy Chocolate Icing.

or Maybe it's These Pretty Pink Flowers.

Well? One Things for Sure I Love Blowing Out the Candles. (Blowing)

Happy Birthday! Someone is Celebrating the Birthday on...

Blue's Clues. Let's See Who?

On Nick Jr! (Trumpets, Giggles)

Blue's Clues Blue's Birthday

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