Nick Jr. Face's Tools

Hi, There. Face Here.

Do you Know what This is? It's a Hammer

and this is a Saw. All these Tools Use it to build things.

Do you like to build?

Hey! My Friend Blue Wants to Buid Somthing.

I Wonder What it is?

Can You Help To See and Find Out?

Blue's Clues is on Next. Here on Nick Jr.! (Trumpets, Giggles)

Blue: Ruff! 

Nick Jr. Face Announces Franklin

Hi There, Face Here.

And Guess Whos? Franklin.

it is Franklin.





Now I'm ready to watch Franklin. Play along with a episode, Franklin Plays Ths Game.

Here on nick jr!(trumpets)

Nick Jr. Face The Dog

I'm Face.

And I'm Barking.

Can You Bark?

{barking} Louder!!!!!!

{barking} One More Time!


Great Job! Thank You.

It is Beautiful!!

In Justin Time. Cause. Blues Clues. Is Next. On Nick Jr! {Trumpets}

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