10/1/1996 Allegra's Window: Allegra's Christmas

10/15/1996 Allegra's Window: Small is Beautiful/Allegra's Window: Storytime Sing-Along/Allegra's Window: Waiting for Grandma


3/11/1997 Allegra's Window: Play Along with Allegra and Friends/Little Bear: Meet Little Bear/Little Bear: Family Tales

10/13/1997 Eureeka's Castle: Christmas at Eureeka's Castle/Little Bear: Winter Tales

11/5/1997 Eureeka's Castle: Wide Awake at Eureeka's Castle/Gullah Gullah Island: Binyah's Surprise/Gullah Gullah Island: Dance Along with the Daise Family/Gullah Gullah Island: Play Along with Binyah and Friends/Eureeka's Castle: Sing Along with Eureeka/Gullah Gullah Island: Sing Along with Binyah Binyah


4/7/1998 Allegra's Window: Sing Along with Allegra & Lindi/Little Bear: Parties & Picnics

6/9/1998 Blue's Clues: Arts and Crafts/Blue's Clues: Story Time

9/8/1998 Little Bear: Goodnight Little Bear


1/12/1999 Blue's Clues: ABC's and 123's/Blue's Clues: Rhythm and Blue/Little Bear: Friends

8/24/1999 Little Bear: Little Goblin Bear

9/21/1999 Blue's Clues: Blue's Discoveries/Blue's Clues: Blue's Big Pajama Party


1/11/2000 Blue's Clues: Blue's Safari/Little Bear: A Kiss for Little Bear

3/7/2000 Blue's Clues: Magenta Comes Over/Little Bear: Little Bear's Band

6/6/2000 Blue's Clues: Stop, Look and Listen!/Little Bear: Rainy Day Tales


6/5/2001 Blue's Clues: Playtime with Periwinkle/Dora the Explorer: Swing Into Action/Dora the Explorer: Wish on a Star

9/4/2001 Blue's Clues: Café Blue

9/25/2001 Blue's Clues: Blue's Big Holiday


9/24/2002 Little Bill: Merry Christmas, Little Bill/Dora the Explorer: Christmas

11/5/2002 Blue's Clues: It's Joe Time


6/3/2003 Blue's Clues: Shapes and Colors/Dora the Explorer: City of Lost Toys

8/26/2003 Blue's Clues: Blue Takes You to School/Dora the Explorer: Rhymes and Riddles

9/2/2003 Oswald: Outdoors with Oswald/Oswald: Best Buddies


3/2/2004 Dora the Explorer: Egg Hunt

5/25/2004 Blue's Clues: Blue Talks

6/1/2004 Dora the Explorer: Super Silly Fiesta

8/10/2004 Blue's Room: Snacktime Playdate

8/31/2004 Dora the Explorer: Dora's Halloween

9/28/2004 Blue's Clues: Bluestock

10/5/2004 Dora the Explorer: Dora's Fairytale Adventure

10/26/2004 Max and Ruby: Max and Ruby's Christmas


1/11/2005 Dora the Explorer: Catch the Stars

1/25/2005 Blue's Room: It's Hug Day

3/1/2005 Max and Ruby: Springtime for Max and Ruby

3/22/2005 Dora the Explorer: Big Sister Dora

4/19/2005 Blue's Room: Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

5/3/2005 Dora the Explorer: It's a Party

7/19/2005 Dora the Explorer: Super Babies

8/2/2005 Blue's Room: Alphabet Power

8/30/2005 The Backyardigans: It's Great to Be a Ghost

10/4/2005 Blue's Room: Holiday Wishes

10/11/2005 Dora the Explorer: Dance to the Rescue

11/8/2005 The Backyardians: The Snow Fort


1/10/2006 Dora the Explorer: Saves the Day

1/24/2006 The Backyardigans: Polka Palace Party

3/7/2006 The Backyardigans: Cave Party

3/21/2006 Blue's Room: Fred's Birthday

5/2/2006 Blue's Clues: Blue's Jobs

5/30/2006 The Backyardians: Surf's Up