Nick Jr 90's Commercials 1996

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Rugrats Credits

Klasky Csupo Graffi Logo

Nickelodeon Haypile Logo

Nick Jr. Start Up Bumper

Catdog Promo

Candy Bars Commercial

Burger King Commercial

Bluue's Clues Promo

Nick Jr. ID - Penguins

Nick Jr. Face is Cold

Blue's Clues - Stormy Weather Intro

Blue's Clues - Stormy Weather - Credits

Nick Jr. Face - Gullah Gullah Jam Session

Nick Jr. Face makes silly sounds

Nick Jr. Face the Robot

Nick Jr. Coming up Next Bumper

Baby Tumble Surprise Commercial

Papa Johns Commercial

Toy Story 2 Promo

Kipper Promo

Nick Jr. ID - Frog

Nick Jr. Face Loves Food

Kipper Intro

Kipper Credits

Hit Entertainment Logo

Nick Jr. Face Plants his Garden

Abby's Friends - The Rocking Horse

Nick Jr. Face Gabbles

Nick Jr. Coming up Next Bumper

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