Nick Jr Face Shows us his Favorite Faces

Welcome Back to Nick Jr.! (Trumpets, Giggles)

It's me Face.

I Wanna Show you some of my Favorite Faces

OK. Here it Goes.

And Sometimes When Something Scares Ya.

(Screams, Blubbering, Giggles)

This in the Face while we make them dizzy.

(Blubbering, Growls, Giggles) And Then This in the Face.

And the One in Only The Busy world of Richard scarry is Coming Next.

(Laughs, Giggles)

Nick Jr Face Loves to Sing

Hey There, It's Me Face.

Welcome Back to Nick Jr. Video! (Trumpets)

Do you Ever Sing? LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!!

I Love to Sing!!!! (giggles)

Sometimes we are Going to Sing Very Very Quietly.

La la la la la and Right Now I'm Gonna Sing Very Very Lovely

Because Sing Along with Gullah Gullah Island is Next.

On Nick Jr. Video! (Trumpets) LA LA LA LA LA LA!!!! (Giggles)

Nick Jr. Face Opens for Allegra (Small is Beautiful Version)

Hey there, Face here.

And Now! We're Going to See, Allegra!

In a story called, "Small is Beautiful".

But First, I'm trying to see, How...

Small? I can get.

Here I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Shrinking) Wow! Now I'm a Small Face.


I'm Face the Small Face! 

(Giggles) I wonder if I can get even smaller?

(Shrinking, Pop) Whoa! I'm Face the Tiny Face, Now.

(Giggles, Zooms Out) And Now!

(Blinking) Let's Go to Hummingbird Alley!

Right Here on Nick Jr. Video!


Nick Jr Face Announces a Special Song from The Busy World of Richard Scarry

Psst! Listen Carefully...

Because Right Now.

Lowly Worm and Huckle Cat

are Going to Show you How we can Play it Safe.

Right Here on Nick Jr.! (Trumpets, Giggles)

Nick Jr Face Meets His Nick Jr Friends

Hi There Face Here

It's Time To Meet My Nick Jr Friends

Blue [Barks]

Huckle Hi There

Lowly Hello

Little Bear Hi Face

Wanna Play With The Ball

All Okay!

[Plays Ball For 10 Seconds]

Okay, It's Time To Watch The Next Show On Nick Jr

[Trumpets All Giggles]

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