Nick Jr Face's Says What's Remember

Hi There! Face Here!

Hey! I'll Have A Question For You!

What's Remember Is Bear's Nose?

In My Teeth! (Laughs)

I'll Have Another One!

What's Remember What's Inside?

It's Nothing! (Laughs)

I'll Give You One More Time!

What's Remember Is A Shark Tooth?

A Dinosaur! (Laughs)

(Giggles) I Love What's Remember!

Cause I'll Be Right Back On What's Remember,

After These Messages!

Right Here On Nick Jr! (Trumpets, Giggles)

Nick Jr Face Birthday Promo 8

Hi There, it's Me Face. and Today is September 9th it's your Birthday and Here's your Special Birthday Cake is for You.

and i'm Making Wish OOH-AAH

ooh aah ba ba ba ba! hee honk No! (honk)

hey! what the blanket! and I Have Making a Wish!

It's your Birthday on Go Making a Wish So Go a Head! Hope to To True!

Happy Birthday! from Nick Jr. (trumpets)

next is Groundling Marsh (giggles)

Nick Jr Face Gabbles



Right Now Nick Jr? (trumpets)

is Going to Take a Short Break! (giggles)

Nick Jr Face Spins Around

Watch This! we yo yo yo yo yo yo!

Right Now Nick Jr? (trumpets)

is Gonna Take a Short Break!

Nick Jr Face Exercises

(Sighs) Face Here.

And I Want to do my Exercises.

Hey? Come Exercise with me. Let's Try the Mouth.

One. Burp, Two. Wow! Three.



One, Two, Three,

a Four.

Whew! Don't you Feel Good?

Keep on Exercising. And

Nick Jr.? (Trumpets) We'll be Right Back! (Giggles)

One, Two, Three.

Nick Jr Face Is Sparkling

Oh.... Sparkly!

Hi There! Face Here!

Right Now... Nick Jr?

(Trumpets) Is Gonna Take A Short Break!

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