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Nick Jr Face Throws Up

Hi There It's Me Face.

(Throwing Up)


(Throwing up)

Look! You Throw up on the Bowl.

(Throwing up)

Wow! Did You See That?

Bye Bye Throw up.

Right Now Nick Jr? (Trumpets) Is Gonna Take a Shirt Frieght!


Nick Jr Face Birthday Promo 7

it's Me Face. and Today is September 13th. it's your Birthday?

I Have a Birthday Cheer for You. Ready Candles?

Ready! H A P P Y. Happy. Again!

H A P P Y. Happy. One More Time!

H A P P Y. Happy. Happy Birthday To You!

Only for Burtha on Nick Jr. (trumpets, giggles)

Gullah Gullah Island is next. (giggles)

Nick Jr Face Does Cow Sounds

Hi There, Face Here.

Do You Know What Sound a Cow Makes?

A Cow Says...


Now I Have a Message for all the cows out there watching.



That's Cow Talk for You're Watching Nick Jr.! (Trumpets)

The Busy World of Richard Scarry is Up Next.

MOOOOOOOOO! (giggles)

Nick Jr Face Birthday Promo 10

Big Bag Boowa Boowa. and Here say Hi.

Special Said hello. Celebrate your Birthday Year.

Today is September 10th. Happy it's your Birthday and Just For You.

For Me. and Singing Birthday Card. Bye Bye!

Hello it's Me Present Face. I Have Stop and Motion? Tada!

and i Wanna Wish you a Happy Birthday. Have a Great Day from Nick Jr. (trumpets, giggles)

Maya & Miguel is Next. (giggles)

Nick Jr Face sings We Are Looking for Blue's Clues 2 (Blue's Clues: Blue's Big Musical Version)

Hi, It's Me Face.

I'm Singing We are Looking for Blue's Clues

We are Looking for Blues Clues.

We are Looking for Blues Clues.

(Giggles) Hey! Let's go meet Blue & his friends

for a special play called, Blue's Big Musical!

Here on Nick Jr.! (trumpets, giggles)

Nick Jr. Face sings We Are Looking for Blue's Clues 2 (Goodbye Version)

Hi, Face here.

We just Looked for Blues Clues.

We just Looked for Blues Clues.

(Giggles) This play is completely over!

So goodbye, so long!

See ya later, on Nick Jr.! (trumpets, giggles)

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