Nick Jr Commercial Break (April 3, 1998)

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Nick Jr Commercial Break (April 3, 1998) (An Incomplete Reuploded The Advert Guy Camera Video)

Sponsors: O, 16

Picture Segment Description
Vlcsnap-Face 3
Face Promo

Face Looks At A Butterfly 

(First Aired: 1995)


The Two-Headed Monster trips over the parts of the word TRIP (First Aired: March 5, 1992)

[1] Cartoon

Abstract count to 16. (First Aired: February 26, 1991)

Vlcsnap-Face 4
Face Promo

Face Spins Around

(First Aired: 1995)

Nick Jr Up Next
Up Next

10:30AM Muppet Baibies 

11:00AM Dr.Seuss

Ask The Cat

Ask The Cat: Stories Promo

(First Aired: 1997)

Mcdonalds I AM HUNGRY Ad
Quik Tommy Ad (1997)
Kit Kat Bar Hockey Ad (1998)
Giggle Wiggle Ad (1998)
Nick Jr. Play Along Promo (1996)
Rupert Sing Along Promo (1997)
Bumper Lions (1996)
Face Promo Nick Jr. Face Whistles

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