Nick Jr. Commercials Break July 14, 1998

Part 1

  1. Zoo Books Commercial (Incomplete)
  1. Nick Jr. ID - Parade Floats
  1. Up Next ID (Cows: Little Bear/Blue's Clues)
  1. Nick Jr. Opening (1998) 
  1. Nick Jr. Face Wishes Us A Good Morning 2 (Little Bear Version)
  1. Little Bear Opening Pillow Hill/Diva Hen/Father Bear's Little Helper

Part 2

  1. Little Bear Credits Pillow Hill/Diva Hen/Father Bear's Little Helper
  2. Nelvana Logo
  1. Nick Jr ID - Catch
  1. Nick Jr. Face Sings Freres Jacques
  1. Nick Jr. Sings: Tracing Shapes
  1. Nick Jr. Face Has Many Faces
  1. Up Next ID (Penguins: Blue's Clues/Maisy)
  1. Blue's Big Marathon Promo
  2. Batman and Robin Figures Commercial
  3. Hungry Hippos Commercial
  4. Burger King Kids Club Commercial
  5. Fruit By the Foot Commercial
  6. Tie Dye Barbie Commercial
  7. Nick Jr. Is Just For Me (1998)
  1. Nick Jr. ID - Kangaroos
  1. Nick Jr. Face the Washing Machine
  1. Blue's Clues What Did Blue See? Opening (1998)

Part 3

  1. Blue's Clues What Did Blue See? Credits (1998)
  1. Nick Jr. Face Opens Ants Ants Ants
  1. Ants Ants Ants: Picnic
  1. Nick Jr. Face Does A Yahoo
  1. Up Next ID (Horses: Maisy/Little Bill)
  2. Gullah Gullah Island Promo
  3. Fishin' Around Commercial
  4. Giga Pets Commercial Looney Tunes
  5. Play-Doh Ice Cream Playshop Commercial
  6. Scared Spirits Commercial
  1. Nick Jr. ID - Rabbits
  1. Nick Jr. Face Takes A Picture
  2. Maisy Opening

Part 4

  1. Maisy Credits
  2. Nick Jr. Face Makes Bird Sounds: Bird Calls
  3. Up Next ID (Monkeys: Little Bill/Little Bear)
  4. Blue's Big Marathon Promo
  5. Chicken Limbo Commercial
  6. McDonald's Short: I Am Hungry!
  7. Candyland Commercial
  8. Poke'mon Red and Blue Commercial
  9. Batman and Robin Action Figures Commercial
  10. Fruit By the Foot Commercial
  11. Nick Jr. ID - Elephants
  12. Nick Jr. Face Has An Apple For A Nose
  13. Little Bill Opening

Part 5

  1. Little Bill Credits
  2. Nick Jr. Productions
  3. Just Ask!: Chocolate Milk
  4. Nick Jr. Face Counts Popcorn
  5. Gullah Gullah Island Promo
  6. Hungry Hippos Commercial
  7. French Toast Crunch Commercial
  8. Tie Dye Barbie Commercial
  9. Zoo Books Commercial
  10. MnM's Minis: Chocobusters
  11. Nick Jr. ID - Chickens
  12. Nick Jr. Face Eats A Banana
  13. Little Bear Opening What Should Little Bear Wear?/Hide and Seek/Little Bear Goes to the Moon

Part 6

  1. Little Bear Credits What Should Little Bear Wear?/Hide and Seek/Little Bear Goes to the Moon
  2. Nelvana Logo
  3. Nick Jr. ID - Catch
  4. Nick Jr. Face Announces Hocle and Stoty
  5. Hocle and Stoty: Beach
  6. Nick Jr. Closes (1998)
  7. Nick Jr. Face Says Goodbye In Different Languages
  8. Surge Protectors
  9. MSNBC Promo
  10. Another One
  11. Felicity Promo
  12. Welch's Commercial
  13. Easy Bake Oven Commercial
  14. Chicken Limbo Commercial
  15. Nickelodeon Western 5 to 8 Promo
  16. Nickelodeon ID - Walking Dinosaurs
  17. Animaniacs Opening

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