Part 1

  1. Hey Arnold! Credits
  2. Nickelodeon Opening
  3. Rugrats Rap Music Video
  4. Nickelodeon Closing
  5. Lego Insectoids Commercial
  6. Kroger Commercial
  7. Wal-Mart Commercial
  8. Fruit by the Foot Commercial
  9. Burger King Club: Nick Jr. Commercial
  10. Nick Jr. ID: Snowglobe
  11. Nick Jr. Next ID: (Cows: Little Bear/Blue's Clues)
  12. Nick Jr. Opening (1998)
  13. Nick Jr. Face Can't Stop Laughing (Little Bear Version)
  14. Little Bear Opening

Part 2

  1. Little Bear Credits What Should Little Bear Wear?/Hide and Seek/Little Bear Goes To the Moon
  2. Nick Jr. Face Sings Feres Jacques
  3. Nick Jr. Sings - Face Song
  4. Nick Jr. Face Drinks Dr. Pepper
  5. Nick Jr. Next ID: (Bears: Blue's Clues/Franklin)
  6. Gullah Gullah Island Promo: Are You Still A Polliwog?
  7. Batman Figures Commercial
  8. Got Milk Commercial
  9. Toonsylvania BK Commercial
  10. Nick Jr. is Just for Me Song (1998)
  11. Nick Jr. ID: Paper Bags
  12. Nick Jr. Face Drinks From His Cup (Blue's Clues Version)
  13. Blue's Clues Opening What Was Blue's Dream About?

Part 3

  1. Blue's Clues Credits What Was Blue's Dream About?
  2. Nick Jr. Face's Hat Collection (Show and Tell Version)
  3. Show and Tell: Cutie the Dog
  4. Nick Jr. Face Shouts A Yahoo
  5. Nick Jr. Next ID: (Penguins: Franklin/Little Bill)
  6. McDonald's Commercial
  7. Burger King Kids Club - Lunch Time Commercial
  8. Be Back Commercial
  9. Tie Dye - Barbie Commercial
  10. Operation Commercial
  11. KFC Commercial
  12. Applebee's Commercial
  13. Nick Jr. ID - Rabbits
  14. Nick Jr. Face Drinks From His Cup (Franklin Version)
  15. Franklin Opening Franklin Fibs/Franklin's Blanket

Part 4

  1. Franklin Closing Franklin Fibs/Franklin's Blanket
  2. Nick Jr. Face Makes Bird Sounds: Bird Calls
  3. Nick Jr. Next ID: (Monkeys: Little Bill/Little Bear)
  4. Blue's Clues NEW Season Promo
  5. Blue's Clues Promo
  6. Franklin Promo
  7. KFC Commercial
  8. Cut School Commercial
  9. Wordville Game Commercial
  10. Nick Jr. ID - Cats
  11. Nick Jr. Face Shows Some Of My Favorite Faces (Little Bill Version)
  12. Little Bill Opening Are We There Yet?/Super Family Fun Land

Part 5

  1. Little Bill Credits Are We There Yet?/Super Family Fun Land
  2. Nick Jr. Productions
  3. Nick Jr. Just Ask! - Circus
  4. Nick Jr. Face Has A W For A Nose
  5. Blue's Big Marathon Promo
  6. McDonald's Commercial
  7. Nick (1998)
  8. Count Chocula - Halloween Party
  9. Casey Cartwheel Commercial
  10. Nick Jr. Is Just For Me (1998)
  11. Nick Jr. ID - Lions
  12. Nick Jr. Face Wishes Us A Good Morning 2
  13. Little Bear Opening Little Bear and the Wind/Goblin Story/Not Tired

Part 6

  1. Little Bear Credits Little Bear and the Wind/Goblin Story/Not Tired
  2. Nick Jr. Face Takes Pictures (Maggie and the Ferocious Beast Version)
  3. Maggie and the Ferocious Beast Short: Flowers
  4. Nick Jr. Closing (1998)
  5. Nick Jr. Face Says Goodbye In Different Languages and Makes One More Funny Faced Face
  6. Surge Protectors
  7. MSNBC Promo
  8. Another One
  9. Easy Bake Oven
  10. Lucky Ducks Commercial
  11. Barbie: Roll Around Things Commercial
  12. Got Milk Commercial
  13. Connection Four Commercial
  14. Nickelodeon Western Sign On: 5 to 8 Promo
  15. Nickelodeon ID - Monster Toothbrush
  16. You're On Nickelodeon, Charlie Brown Opening

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