Part 1

  1. Little Bear Credits
  2. Nelvana Logo
  3. Nick Jr ID - Catch
  4. Nick Jr Face Cheering For Amby And Dexter
  5. Amby and Dexter - Roller Coaster
  6. Nick Jr Face the Rooster
  7. Up Next
  8. Universal Studios Florida Commercial
  9. Got Milk Commercial
  10. Muppet Babies Promo
  11. Mcdonald's Happy Meal Disney Sleeping Beauty Commercial
  12. Nick Jr ID - Swans
  13. Up Next Your Fifth chance to catch this weeks Blues Clues
  14. Nick Jr Face Drink For His Cup
  15. Blue's Clues What Is Blue Afraid Of Opening
  16. Blue's Clues Magenta Comes Over Opening
  17. Blue's Clues Blue's News Opening

Part 2

  1. Nick Jr Logo - Cats
  1. Nick Jr Logo - People Hugging
  1. Nick Jr Logo - Elephants
  1. Nick Jr Face The Frog
  1. Jungle Boogie - Playing
  1. Nick Jr Face The Oppisites
  1. Up Next
  1. Spaghetti Commercial
  1. Tennis Commercial
  2. Blue's Clues Promo
  3. Nick Jr ID - Dogs
  4. Nick Jr Face Make Cow Sounds
  5. The Busy World Of Richard Scarry opening

Part 3

Part 4

1. Cinar Logo

2. Nick Jr Face Quiet for Joey's Lunch

3. Joey's Lunch - BumbleBees

4. Nick Jr Face the Sheep

5. Up Next

6. Boomerang Commercial

7. Balloons and Confetti Commercial

8. Nick Jr ID - Dizzy

9. Nick Jr Face Dancing Fork and Spoon

10. Rupert Intro

Part 5

Rupert Credits

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