Part 1

  1. Nick Jr Face The Frog
  2. Nick Jr Jungle Boogie - Scratching
  3. Nick Jr Face does the Yahoo!
  4. Next Bumper
  5. Kentucky Fried Chicken Commercial
  6. Blue's Clues Promo
  7. Nick Jr ID - Toaster
  8. Nick Jr Face Getting Face Painted
  9. Blue's Clues Blue's News! Opening
  10. Blue's Clues Blue Wants To Play A Song Game! Opening
  11. Blue's Clues What Does Blue Wanna Do On A Rainy Day? Opening

Part 2

  1. Blue's Clues Blue's News! Credits
  2. Nick Jr Logo - Elephants
  3. Blue's Clues Blue Wants To Play A Song Game! Credits
  4. Nick Jr Logo - Kangaroos
  5. Blue's Clues What Does Blue Wanna Do On A Rainy Day? Credits
  6. Nick Jr Logo - Pigs
  7. Nick Jr Face announces Joey's Lunch
  8. Nick Jr Joey's Lunch - Lunch Time Song
  9. Nick Jr Face's Birthday
  10. Next Bumper
  11. Froot Loops Commercial
  12. Little Bear Promo
  13. Nick Jr ID - Swans
  14. Nick Jr Face sings Yes No Opera
  15. Little Bear Intro

Part 3

  1. Little Bear Credits
  2. Nelvana Logo
  3. Nick Jr ID - Catch
  4. Nick Jr Face Sings A Waiting Song
  5. Nick Jr Amby and Dexter - Gorilla
  6. Nick Jr Face making a Funny Face
  7. Next Bumper
  8. Treehouse Commercial
  9. Allegra's Window Promo
  10. Nick Jr ID - Hippos
  11. Nick Jr Face looks Out in the Window

Part 4

  1. Allegra's Window Credits
  2. Nick Jr ID - Catch
  3. Nickelodeon and Universal Studios Florida
  4. Nick Jr Face the Cat
  5. Nick Jr Wilma and her Alphabet Adventures - Edward the Elephant
  6. Nick Jr Face Watches an Airplane Flying
  7. Next Bumper
  8. Thomas and Friends Tomy Commercial
  9. Gullah Gullah Island Promo
  10. Nick Jr ID - Crocodiles
  11. Nick Jr Face Takes Pictures
  12. Busy World of Richard Scarry Intro

Part 5

  1. Cinar Logo
  2. Nick Jr Face Eats Apple
  3. Nick Jr's Joey's Lunch - Soccer
  4. Nick Jr Face the Globe
  5. Next Bumper
  6. Toys R Us Commercial
  7. Mean't Like to Do - Batman
  8. Rupert Promo
  9. Nick Jr ID - Board Game
  10. Nick Jr Face Singing a Song
  11. Gullah Gullah Island Intro

Part 6

  1. Gullah Gullah Island Credits
  2. Nick Jr Face Sings A Waiting Songs (2x)
  3. Amby And Dexter Locked Door
  4. Nick Jr Face The Rooster
  5. Next Bumper
  6. The Smurfs Promo
  7. A Bug's Life Tv Spot
  8. Blue's Clue's Promo
  9. The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride Vhs Commercial
  10. Nick Jr ID Hippo
  11. Nick Jr Face Can't Stop Laughing
  12. Little Bear Intro

Part 7

  • Little Bear Credits
  • Nelvana Logo
  • Nick Jr. Logo - Catch
  • Nick Jr. Face Announces Joey's Lunch
  • Nick Jr. Joey's Lunch - the Tango
  • Nick Jr Face the Rooster
  • Up Next Rupert
  • Nestle A Bug's Life Bug Pops Commercial
  • A Bug's Life Tv Spot
  • Nick Jr ID - Hippo
  • Nick Jr Face The Cold
  • Rupert Intro

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