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  • Nick is Laughing Face
  • Mike Finley is Clown
  • Julie Jones is Astronaut
  • Greg Jones is Piece of Wood
  • Betsy is Apple
  • Claire with Blonde Hair is Banana
  • Ashley is Orange
  • Lindsey is Grapes
  • Allison is Kiwi Fruit
  • Aunt Wendy is Cupcake
  • Erin as Nick's Sister is Present
  • Kai-Lan from (Ni Hao, Kai-Lan) is Party Hat
  • Dora from (Dora the Explorer) is Balloon
  • Zews the Big Dog is Party Bag
  • Justin Bieber is Card
  • Stitch Plush is Candles
  • Juliet the Cat is Dizzy Face
  • Grandma is Seal Cracker
  • Grandpa is Lion Cracker
  • Rachel is Giraffe Cracker
  • Mrs. Tobin is Mushroom Pizza
  • Sienna is Pepperoni Pizza
  • Maxwell from (Scribblenauts) is Pepper Pizza
  • Al from (Toy Story 2) is Sausage Pizza
  • Buster from (Toy Story) is Cheese Pizza
  • Mel Gibson is Broccoli Pizza
  • Adam Sandler is Singing Face
  • Alvin from (Alvin and the Chipmunks) is Happy Face
  • Kevin James is Sad Face
  • Emily from (Monsters vs. Aliens) is Silly Face
  • Monkey from (Chimpanzee) is Sleepy Face
  • Will Ferrell is Tuba
  • Leo from (Little Einsteins) is Flute
  • June from (Little Einsteins) is Drums
  • Jack Black is Guitar
  • Pepino the Boy is Piano
  • Brandon is Alligator
  • Lilo from (Lilo & Stitch) is Crocodile
  • Oswald from (Oswald) is Oval
  • Zackie from (Brandon) is Square
  • Alexa from (Brandon) is Triangle
  • Manny from (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) is Heart
  • Greg from (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) is Circle
  • Marley the Dog is Sleepy Face
  • Woody from (Toy Story) is Hungry Face
  • Woody the Dog is Thirsty Face
  • Jade from (Rock 'N' Learn) is Quiet Face
  • Susan from (Rock 'N' Learn) is Snoring Face
  • Amanda is Sneezing Face
  • Michelle Trachtenberg is Frog Face
  • Lightning McQueen from (Cars) is Cat Face
  • Tyler Michael is Fish Face
  • Emperor Penguin from (March of the Penguins) is Monkey
  • Simba from (The Lion King) is Lion
  • Timon from (The Lion King) is Parrot
  • Allegra from (Allegra's Window) is Balloon Face
  • Lindi from (Allegra's Window) is Plane
  • Mr. Cook from (Allegra's Window) is Train
  • Dr. Dan from (Flat Stanley) is Car
  • Muffy from (Arthur) is Robot
  • Mater from (Cars) is Singing Face
  • Rascal Flatts from (Life is a Highway) is Little and Big Face

That's All.

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