Nick Jr Face Acts Like a Skipping Record

Hello, Hello, Hello, There There There

Face Face Face Here Here Here Here Here,

You're You're Watching Watching Nick Nick Jr. Jr. Jr.! (Trumpets)

Face meets Burtha the Birthday Cake 2

Face: Hi There Face Here Along with my Friend Burtha the Birthday Cake

Burtha the Birthday Cake: Happy Birthday I Mean Happy Happy Day i mean Happy Peanutbutter and Jelly Day i mean i mean Happy Birthday

Face: That's right. Burtha and I found out that today October 22nd is someone's birthday

Burtha the Birthday Cake: And that means it's time for Extra Special Super Duper Birthday Cheers

Face: and Here it Goes

Burtha the Birthday Cake: Happy Birthday

Face: Join in Everybody

Face and Burtha the Birthday Cake: Happy Birthday

Face: Again

Face and Burtha the Birthday Cake: Happy Birthday

Face: From Nick Jr (trumpeting, giggling)

Face Making a Funny Faced Face

And Now.

Another Funny Faced Face.

Here it Comes.

Uh-uh! (Laughs)

{ Gigglez}

Face Wears Glasses


Psst. Yeah You. I'm Wearing Glasses.

I Can Take my glasses off.

It's Me Face.

Next is Bob the Builder.

Here on Nick Jr.! (Trumpets)\

Nick Jr Face The Robot

It Is I...Face The Robot

Nick Jr ? (Trumpets)

Will Be Right Back After These Messages.


Nick Jr Face Meets Sonic The Hedgehog

Hi There It's Me Face

And I'd Like you to Meet SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!!

(Giggles) He's The World's Fastest Hedgehog.

And Right Now

The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is next.

On Nick Jr.

(Trumpet, Giggles)

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