Nick Jr Face Birthday Promo 30

Face: Hi There it's Me Face and Now Say Happy Birthday to Us.

Face: Are you Ready?

Face, Burtha, Balloon, Party Hat, Cupcake, Present, and Candles: Happy Birthday!

Face: from Nick Jr! (trumpets

(all giggles)

Nick Jr Face Changes Into Many Different Fruits

You Wanna Change the Fruits?

You Will Change the Fruits. Ready?

Hey, Look! I'm an Apple!

Now I'm a Kiwi it is a fruit called a kiwi and it was also a bird called a kiwi.

Now I'm an Orange it is a Fruit Called an Orange and i was also a collor called an orange

We Like Fruits Too! See You Later.

On Nick Jr.! (Trumpets, Giggles)

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