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Nick Jr Face Birthday Promo 23

Face : Look it's Snowy Hi There it's Me Face Along with my Friend Burtha the Birthday Cake

Burtha the Birthday Cake : Happy

(snowball falling)

Face : Look it's Snow Burtha the Birthday Cake .

Face : Can you Catch the Snowball with the Burtha the Birthday Cake?

Burtha the Birthday Cake : Me Too!

Face : Ready?

Burtha the Birthday Cake : BRRRRRRRRRR!

Face & Burtha the Birthday Cake : Happy Birthday!

Face : from Nick Jr. (trumpets, giggles)

Face Says Out the Door



Right Now? Nick Jr.

(Trumpets) Is Gonna Take a Short Break!


Nick Jr Face Birthday Promo 29

Face : Hi There Face Here. and Now Today is August 21st

Face : and Special Birthday is Just For You.

Face : and Ready a Sing.

Face : Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday Dear Face. Happy Birthday to You.

Face : Happy Birthday from Nick jr. (trumpets, giggles)

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