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Nick Jr Face Birthday Promo 28

Face : Hi it's Me Face Guess What?

Face : Party Hat! and Cupcake.

(face Laughing)

Face : You Know it's a tie!


Face : Happy Birthday from Nick Jr. (trumpets, giggles)

Nick Jr Face Can't Stop Sneezing

Hi! (AH! AH-CHOO!) There! Face! (AH-CHOO!) Here!

I think a... (Shaking)(AH! AH-CHOO!)

I think I have and... (AH-CHOO!)

I think I have a bad case of... (AH! AH! AH-CHOO!) The Sneezes.

(AH! AH-CHOO!) (Sniff) Excuse me. (Giggles)

I will be right back, with more on Nick Jr.

Brr! Brr! Brr! Hee! Hee! Hee! (AH! AHHH-CHOOOO!) (Giggles)

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