Nick Jr Face About Flying

Hello Everyone I'm Face

Welcome Back To Nick Jr (Trumpets)

I'm All About Flying For Example

I'm Flying Like A Bird, Yahoo!!!

Or Maybe Flying On A plane WEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Here's one of My Favorites Flying on HandGlider Woo Hoo!!!

Eureeka"s Castle Is Next on Nick Jr.! (Trumpets)

Nick Jr Face Birthday Promo 22

Hi There, Face Here. and Today is September 2nd

and Today is your Birthday.

Super Birthday To You! Just For You!

Okay Look at Me! Okay Now! Ready!

Happy Birthday!

Have a Great Birthday Right Here on Nick Jr! (trumpets, giggles)

Nick Jr Face the Alarm Clock

(ringing) Nick Jr.? (Trumpets, Ringing)

We'll be Right Back (Ringing)

After These Messages. (Ringing, Giggles)

Nick Jr Face Does a Yahoo

AA HOO!!!!

Hi There, Face Here!

Right Now Nick Jr. (Trumpets)

Is Gonna Take a Short Break!

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