Nick Jr Face the Globe

(Spinning) Hi There Face Here

(Spinning) Are You Ready to Spin?

(Spinning) Nick Jr?

(Trumpets) We'll Be Right Back After These Messages

(Giggles, Spinning)

Nick Jr Face Birthday Promo 32

Face : Hi There, Face Here. and Today is January 20th

Face : Let's Write the Birthday Card Together.

Face : Say Happy Birthday! Yes! Let's Write

(crayons drawing)

Face : Wow it's the Birthday Card. Happy Birthday from Nick Jr! (trumpets, giggles)

Nick Jr. Face Messes Up (Rupert Version)

Hi Face, There Here.


Hey! That's Not Right. (Blubbering)

(Clears Throat) Okay?

Here Face, There Hi.

No! I Messed Up Again.

Okay, Okay.

Let's Me Try One More Time.

Hi There, Face Here. Perfect.

And Just in Time Because...


Is Next on Nick Jr.!

(Trumpets, Giggles)

Nick Jr. Face Says A Final Goodbye

Hi There, Face Here!

And Now, since today is the 31st of December, It's Time to Say Goodbye for This Year!

So Let's Say A Very Final Goodbye to the old year!

Ready? Goodbye, Old Year!

(Giggles) And So, I'm Going To Say Goodbye,

See Ya Later,

So Long!

So Coming Up Next Is Nickelodeon!

Have A Great Final Day of the Old Year!

And I'll See You on the First Day of the Next Year!

Right Here on Nick Jr!

(Trumpets, Giggles)

Nick Jr Face Loves You (Version 2)

Hi There, Face Here.

I Love You and I Love You Too.

Let's See Who's Here? Ready?

I'm Here. I'm the Cat!

and a Chicken the Bird!

and What About Frog?

and the Fish!

I'm the Monkey!

I'm the Rabbit!

I'm the Squirrel!

I'm the Turtle!

I'm the Fox!

I'm the Computer.


and There is Only One Thing Missing? What is it?

The I Love You Heart.

Ready? I Love You Very Much.

Have a Nice Day from Nick Jr.! (Trumpets)

(All Giggles)

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