Nick Jr Face Birthday Promo 3

Face : Hi There, it's Me Face! And Today is September 17th. We're Celebrating my Birthday. If Your Something Special on the Head. Can You Help Me Decide What to Wear? Cupcake: How about a Cupcake Face : (giggles) I Don't know Present : How About the Present? Face : that's Funny Party hat : How About a Party Hat Face : That's Perfect I'll Wear a Party Hat Thanks for Helping me decide And Now Were READY TO CELEBRATE Ready 1, 2, 3, Face & party hat : Happy Birthday Face : From Nick Jr (Trumpets giggles)

Nick Jr Face does Opposites

Nick Jr Face the Chicken

Nick Jr Face the Lion

Nick Jr Face in the Jungle

Nick Jr Face Makes Sheep Sounds

Hi there, It's me face! And I'm in the jungle!

Do you know what animals live here?

Monkeys! [monkey noises]


And Parrots! Squawk, pretty bird! *whistle*

You can find these animals in the jungle, and you can find me, Face, right here, on Nick Junior! Brr brr brrr! (giggles)

Nick Jr. Face Makes Sheep Sounds

Hi there. Face here! Baaaaa!

I'm making the sound that a sheep makes!

This is how a sheep says, "Hello!"


This is how a sheep says goodbye!


And this is how a sheep says... "You're watching Nick Junior! Brr brr brrr!"

Baaaaa! Brr brr brrr!

Dora the Explorer is next! Baaaaa! *giggles*

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