Nick Jr Face Hums (Version 1)


Hey There, It's Me Face. (Humming)

I'm Humming (Humming)

I Like Humming.

(Humming) Do You Like Humming?

(Humming) Hope so. (Humming)

I'll Be Right Back, After These Messages.

Here, on Nick Jr. (trumpets) (giggles)

Nick Jr Face Talks About Himself

Hello There, My Name is Face.

Welcome to Nick Jr.! (Trumpets)

My Name Is Face Because That's What I Am a Face.

I'm The Face That Says.

Welcome to Nick Jr.! (Trumpets)

I'm a Funny Face. A Happy Face. A Blue Face. A Red Face.

I'm All Kinds of Different Faces And I'm Here Here to Welcome You to Nick Jr.! (Trumpets)

The Jim Henson Muppet Hour is Next Here on Nick Jr.! (Trumpets)

See You Later.

Nick Jr Face Counts 4 Potatoes

Hi There, Face Here.

Hey Look! There's One Potato.

One, Two Potatoes.

One, Two, Three Potatoes.

One, Two, Three, Four Potatoes.

One Potato.

Two Potatoes. Three Potatoes. Four Potatoes.

Now It's Time for Another Visit From Blue!!!!!!

Right Here on Nick Jr.! (Trumpets, Giggles)

Nick Jr Face Wears A Hair Style

Hi There I See A Hair Style Could Wear On My Head

Then They Cut A Hair Style [Giggles] I See Your Faces In My Eye

If You Say Fun After This Break Right Here On Nick Jr [Trumpet Giggles]

Nick Jr Face Laughs (Version 2)

[Laughs] Where Here

(Laughs) Hi.

[Laughs] Evreybody.

[Laughs] There.

(Laughs) It's Me (Laughs)

(Laughs) It's Me Ha Ha! Face.

(Laughs) Ooh! I D Ed for the a (Laughs)

What's Fun to you Like it!! (Laughs)

So Stay Tuned for More....

Nick Jr.!!!!! (Trumpets)

(Laughs Hard)

Nick Jr Face Tells Fruit Jokes

Hi, There. Face Here.

Look! I'm Orange.

Orange You Glad to be Watching Nick Jr.

(Trumpets, Giggles) I Hope You Feel is Good as I Do.

Cause i Feel Grape. (Giggles)

Right Now. I Have to Make Look Like a Banana. And SPLIT! (Giggles)

And I'll See You Again on Nick Jr.! (Trumpets, Giggles)

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