Nick Jr Face Gets his Face Painted

Face here.

I have to keep very still because I'm getting my face painted.


One of my eyes is a circle and the other is a square.

Now my mouth is a big rectangle. (giggles)

This paintbrush sure looks tickly (giggles, laughs)

Blue's Clues is next here on Nick Jr.! (trumpets, Giggles)

The These Blue's Clues Episodes Happened.

The Grow Show

Blue Wants To Play A Song Game!

What Does Blue Want To Make?

What Story Does Blue Want To Play?

Tickety's Favorite Nursery Rhyme

Nick Jr Face Does Sheep Sounds

Hi There, Face Here.

(Bleating) I'm Making a Sound That a Sheep Makes.

This is How a Sheep Says...

Hello! (Bleating)

This is How a Sheep Says...

Goodbye! (Bleating)

And This is How a Sheep Says...

You're Welcome! (Bleating)

Stay Tuned To The Next Show, You're Watching Nick Jr! (Trumpets)

Nick Jr Face Does his New Trick

Hi There, It's Me Face.

Hey! Look at my New Trick.

OKAY!!!!! HERE IT GOES!!!!! (Screaming)

Hey, Wanna See That Again? (Screaming, Blubbering)

This is Making me Dizzy (giggles)

Now I'm Ready to Watch Gullah Gullah Island's Dance along with Binyah and Friends.

Here on Nick Jr.! (Trumpets, Giggles)

Nick Jr. Face Laughing, Crying, & Hurling

Hi There, It's Me Face.

Look I'm Laughing! (Laughs)

Now I'm Crying (cries)

Now I'm Hurling (Hurls)

Nick Junior? (trumpets)

We'll be Right Back!

Nick Jr Face Loves French-Fries

Hi, It's Me Face.

Um? Can You Eat French Fries?

MMM!!! I Love French Fries.

So Nick Jr.? (Trumpets) We'll be Right Back, After These Messages. (Giggles)

Nick Jr Face Singing a Song

Hi, There. It's Me Face.

And Today I'm Singing a Song.

La, La, La, La, La, La.

Me, Me, Me, Me, Me.

Next is Gullah Gullah Island on Nick Jr.! (Trumpets, Giggles)

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