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  1. Nick Jr Face Birthday on May 12th from Cosette Goldstein: Barney Campfire Sing-Along VHS
  2. Nick Jr Face Birthday on July 14th from Julia Nicholson: Barney Live In New York City VHS
  3. Nick Jr Face Birthday on March 15th from Lexi ten Napel: Let's Play School VHS
  4. Nick Jr Face meets Birtha the Birthday Cake from Big Bird: My Party With Barney VHS
  5. Nick Jr Face Birthday on February 14th from Montse Hernandez and Leyda Aleyli: Barney Songs, Barney Fun & Games, 1-2-3-4 Seasons, Sing & Dance With Barney VHS
  6. Nick Jr Face Surprise from Minnie: Barney's Colorful World VHS
  7. Nick Jr Face Birthday on January 1st from Elmo: Super Singing Circus VHS
  8. Nick Jr Face Birthday on January 1st from Gonzo: It Time For Counting VHS
  9. Nick Jr Face Meets Birtha the Birthday Cake Messes Up from Mr Pteranodon: Walk Around the Block With Barney VHS
  10. Nick Jr Face is a Present from Deborah Cole: Barney's Talent Show VHS
  11. Nick Jr Face Birthday on January 7th from Binyah Binyah: Barney Songs From the Park DVD

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