Nick Jr Face Promos with Blue's Clues Three Episodes on VHS

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Nick Jr Face Promos with Blue's Clues Three Episodes on VHS

Blue's Clues Each Sold Separately

Face eats a Cauliflower and Cafe Blue

  • Hi there. It's me Face. And I'm about to eat a new food. Can you guess what it is? It's cauliflower. I don't know if I like it, but I'm gonna try it. Do you think I like it? (He munches and gasps) I love it! Cauliflower is yummy! Cauliflower cha-cha-cha Cauliflower cha-cha-cha. I wonder what other foods I can try. There's more coming up and it all tasted good on nick jr.
  • Blue's Clues Cafe Blue
  • Hi there. It's me Face. and my favorite kind of pizza in the whole world is pepperoni. Sometimes I like mushrooms, too. and if i'm really hungry, green peppers, and sausage, and broccoli. But do you know what the best part is? The cheese! cheese cheese cheese. I love cheese. What do you like on your pizza? There's more yummy stuff coming up.

Face looks a Blue and What Blue Expirement want to Try

  • Face Looks a Blue
  • Blue's Clues What Blue Expirement Want to Try

Face Travels and Mechanics

  • Face Travels
  • Blue's Clues Mechanics

Face the Rooster and the Trying Game

  • Face the Rooster (Short Version)
  • Blue's Clues the Trying Game

Snack Time and More Series

Face loves Pizza and Snack Time

  • Face loves Pizza
  • Blue's Clues Snack Time

Face announces Abby Friends and Grow Show

  • Face announces Abby Friends (Short Version)
  • Blue's Clues the Grow Show

Face getting a Face Painting and Blue you want to Make

  • Face getting a Face Painting
  • Blue's Clues Blue you want to Make

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