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Ethan Animals

  • Face the Rooster (Short Version)
  • Face the Lion (Short Version)
  • Face In The Jungle [Short Version]

Fun with Numbers

  • Face Counts Potatoes (Short Version)
  • Face in the Dark and Said Surprise (Short Version)

Playing Music

  • Face sings the Blues (Short Version)
  • Face very very Short Goodbye Song 1
  • Face very very Short Goodbye Song 2
  • Face sings to Different Insturments [Short Version]

Lunch Party

  • Face is a Fruit Face (Short Version)
  • Face does the Fruit Jokes
  • Face Talks About Different Flavours [Short Version]

Toy Workshop

  • Face does Balloon Trick (Short Version)
  • Face sings Waiting Song (Short Version)
  • Face Different Feelings
  • Face Changes Into Many Different Things
  • Face Does Sometimes [Short Version]

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