Nick Jr Face part 1

  • Face the Frog (Maisy Version)
  • Face the Rooster (The Sesame Street Show Version)
  • Face through a Kaidescope (Max and Ruby Version)
  • Face Shrinks from Small is Beatiful
  • Face drinks Milk (Thomas and Friends Version)
  • Face Bounces (Blue's Clues Version)
  • Face the Rainbow (Kitu and Woofu Version)
  • Face the Clock (Wiggly Park Version)

Nick Jr Face part 2

  • Face wishes Good Morning (Rugrats Version)
  • Face wears Eyeglasses (Pablo the Little Red Fox Version)
  • Face looks a Jet (Blue's Clues Version)
  • Face is a Leaf for the Nose from Little Goblin Bear
  • Face pratices Whistling (Muppet Babies Version)

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