The Dillydale Express

  • Nick Jr Face makes Different Way Talking
  • Mr. Men - Flying
  • Nick Jr Face sings the Waiting Song
  • Mr. Men - Trains
  • Nick Jr Face sings Very Very Short Goodbye Song

Mr. Nosey and Mr. Small

  • Nick Jr Face the Lion
  • Nick Jr Face takes Pictures
  • Nick Jr Face drinks a Grape Juice (Goodbye Version)

Best of Little Miss Scary

  • Nick Jr Face the Robot
  • Nick Jr Face the Monster
  • Nick Jr Face says See you Later Alligator! After Wild Crocodile.

Fair and Other Stories

  • Nick Jr Face the Rooster
  • Mr. Men - Fair
  • Nick Jr Face change Different Things
  • Mr. Men - Camping
  • Nick Jr Face says a Long Goodbye

Little Miss Whoops and Mr. Bump play Doctor

  • Face gets a Bobo
  • Mr. Men - Boo-Boos
  • Face Exercises
  • Mr. Men - Physical
  • Face many Different Faces

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