Nick Jr Goes to Space is a Upcoming UK DVD with 8 Episodes


  1. Dora The Explorer - Journey To The Purple Planet (2003)
  2. Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom - Picnic On The Moon (2010)
  3. Max and Ruby - Space Max (2002)
  4. Peppa Pig - A Trip To The Moon (2009)
  5. Thomas and Friends - Thomas the Jet Engine (2002)
  6. The Backyardigans - Mission To Mars (2006)
  7. Wonder Pets - Save The Chimp (2006)
  8. The Wiggles - Space Dancing (2008)


  • Thomas episode narrated by Michael Angelis.
  • This DVD was released in 23rd November 2015 by Paramount

Front Cover

Dora, Ben Holly, Max, Ruby, Peppa, Thomas, Pablo, Austin, Uniqua, Linny, Tuck, Ming Ming, Anthony and Jeff In outer space.

Back Cover

The episode listings.

Main Menu

  • Play All
  • Episode Selection
  • Subtitles (English, Polish and Spanish)
  • Languages (English, Polish and Spanish)

Episode Selection

  • 8 Episodes each has video images on 1 page.

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