Part 1

  1. Nick Jr Latin America Start Up
  2. Nick Jr Face The Dog (The Flintstones Version)
  3. The Flintstones Intro
  4. The Flintstones Credits
  5. Nick Jr Face Announces The Wubblous World Of Dr. Seuss {The Wubblous World Of Dr. Seuss Version}
  6. The Wubblous World Of Dr. Seuss - Fruzzle Floom Fruit
  7. Nick Jr Face Birthday on September 17th
  8. Batman: The Animated Series Promo
  9. The Jetsons Promo
  10. Wacky Races Promo
  11. The New Yogi Bear Show Promo
  12. Nick Jr ID - Snack Time
  13. Nick Jr Face the Chicken (Go Diego Go Version)
  14. Go Diego Go Intro
  15. Blue's Clues What's That Sound? Intro
  16. Blue's Clues Animal Behavior! Intro

Part 2

  1. Go Diego Go Credits
  2. Blue's Clues Rhyme Time Credits
  3. Blue's Clues Let's Plant! Credits
  4. Nick Jr Productions Logo
  5. Nick Jr Face Burps (Jungle Boogie Version)
  6. Jungle Boogie - Playing
  7. Nick Jr Face Changes Colors
  8. Lazytown Promo
  9. Wacky Races Promo
  10. Nick Jr ID - Telephone
  11. Nick Jr Face the Penguin {Mike The Knight Version)
  12. Mike The Knight Intro

Part 3

  1. Mike The Knight Credits
  2. Nick Jr Face Cheering For Jungle Boogie
  3. Jungle Boogie - Eating
  4. Nick Jr Face Spins Around
  5. Dirtgirlworld Promo
  6. Go Diego Go Promo
  7. Huckleberry Hound Promo
  8. Magilla Gorilla Promo
  9. Nick Jr ID - Rainy Day
  10. Nick Jr Face The Dragon {Wacky Races Version}
  11. Wacky Races Intro

Part 4

  1. Wacky Races Credits
  2. Nick Jr Face announces Muppet Time
  3. Muppet Time - Frog Scouts
  4. Nick Jr Face Birthday on October 1234
  5. Pizza Hut Commercial
  6. Toys R Us Commercial
  7. Thomas and Friends DVD Commercial
  8. Nick Jr. ID - Cats
  9. Nick Jr. Face The Bear {Dirtgirlworld Version}
  10. Dirtgirlworld Intro
  11. Dirtgirlworld Credits
  12. Nick Jr Face Changes Into Many Different Things
  13. Max and his Alphabet Adventures - Max's Birthday
  14. Nick Jr Face The Earth
  15. Danger Mouse Promo
  16. Nickelodeon ID - Robots
  17. Doug Intro

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