1. Little Bear - Bear Family 2. Little Bear - Bears 3. Blue's Clues - Please Love Me Forever 4. Blue's Clues - What Does Blue Need 5. Blue's Clues - So Long Song 6. Busy World of Richard Scarry - I Will Always Love You 7. Busy World of Richard Scarry - Itchy Diapers 8. Gullah Gullah Island - Binyah Binyah and Charlie the Toucan 9. Gullah Gullah Island - Playground 10. Eureka's Castle - Thunderstorm 11. Eureka's Castle - DinnerTime 12. Allegra's Window - Meet You 13. Allegra's Window - Billy the Wolf and Allegra 14. Maisy - Beauty Song 15. Nick Jr Face - Birthday Song 16. Nick Jr Song Parade Song


  • Percy Weri (trumpet, trombone, saxophone, tuba)
  • Rosie o Donnell (guitar)

Front Cover

  • Nick Jr Face
  • Little Bear
  • Blue and Steve
  • Huckle Cat and Lowly

Back Cover

  • Allegra and Billy the Wolf
  • Binyah and Charlie the Toucan

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