(AnimatedFan195 Productions logo)

(Sawyer enters the house)

Tagline: AnimatedFan195 Productions proudly presents

Narrator: AnimatedFan195 Productions proudly presents.

(Sawyer makes a creaton in the cauldron)

Tagline: From the animators who brought you "Kiarastasia"

Narrator: From the animators who brought you "Kiarastasia".

(A flashback of "Kiarastasia" shows Kiara singing in the snow)

Tagline: A land of mystery

Narrator: A land of mystery,

(The castle appears during a storm)

Tagline: A kingdom in peril

Narrator: a kingdom in peril,

(Reirei (as Mor'du) fire breathes the kingdom)

Tagline: And to save the day

Narrator: and to save the day...

(A tsunami wave washes the kingdom off)

Tagline: A fox?

Narrator: a fox?

Nick Wilde: Yeah, well, appearances can be deceiving.

Title: Nick the Magnificent

Narrator: Nick the Magnificent.

Nick Wilde: Ta-da!

Narrator: Everyone's favourite fox is back

Nick Wilde: Right back at you, my friend.

(Shere Khan attempts to attack Nick, but he escapes)

Narrator: in an all-new adventure that kids will love

Nick Wilde: Here comes the good stuff!

Narrator: with an all-new cast of characters.

Baloo: Man the helm! Batten down the hatches!

Fuli: This whole thing is very exciting!

Sawyer: Heist-rah!

Narrator: Nick the Magnificent features 5 new songs from the Tony-award winning composers of "Ragtime" and "Kiarastasia".

(Kai scares Nick and Baloo)

Sawyer (singing): "No one by my fire. No one sipping tea. My fire's burning higher. Someone's in my house with me!"

Reirei (singing): "Starting today when the real Reirei proves she's a ruler to rival Attila! Starting today when the real Reirei comes out!"

(Reirei turns into Mor'du)

Narrator: Featuring Nick Wilde,

Nick Wilde: Sounds impressive, I know.

Narrator: Fuli,

Fuli: Oh, hello there.

Narrator: and Baloo.

Baloo: I am with you in spirit.

Nick Wilde: Okay then. That'll be fun.

Chorus (singing): "Nick the Magnificent!"

Nick Wilde: (singing): "With a "Ha!" and a "Hi-ya!", that are significant."

Narrator: This fall,

Chorus (singing): "N-I-C-K!"

Narrator: It's all the courage,

Nick Wilde: Now, open wide, I'm coming through!

Narrator: all the strength,

(Nick throws a rock at Reirei (as Mor'du)'s mouth)

Narrator: all the heart

Nick Wilde: Is it me or is there a lot of love up here right now?

Narrator: of a great hero.

Title (again): Nick the Magnificent

Narrator: Nick the Magnificent. A hilarious family movie that kids will want to see again and again.

Nick Wilde: Talk about your big finish.

Tagline: Coming Soon.

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