These competed with Disney Children's Favorite Songs, and had 180 all-time favorite kids' songs in a variety of genres, from island to rock to pop to jazz to disco to country.

CDs and DVDs

These CDs. were released by Razor and Tie with live action and animated sing along DVDs as well as lyric booklets, words on screen and "Meet the Kids" mini-bios. They are all sung by The Kids' Superstars and Nicktoons.

Volume 1: Get Up and SING!

"Jump into the action of real kids and cartoons singing together. The first 28 songs feature vocals, then you can turn the vocals off so you can sing karaoke, or hear just the words in Split Track Mode!"

  1. The more We get Together (Pop)
  2. She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain (Country)
  3. Polly Wolly Doodle (Country)
  4. Are You Sleeping? (Pop)
  5. Oh, Suzanna! (Country)
  6. Today's Monday (Jazz)
  7. Shoo, Fly! (Country)
  8. Jimmy Crack Corn (Pop)
  9. Tell me Why (Pop)
  10. There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea! (Pop)
  11. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (Disco)
  12. I Love the Mountains (Pop)
  13. I've Been Workin' On The Railroad (Country)
  14. Found a Peanut (Pop)
  15. Make New Friends (Pop)
  16. Old MacDonald had a Farm (Rock)
  17. Pop! Goes the Weasel! (Pop)
  18. And The Green Grass Grew All Around (Pop)
  19. Down by the Station (Pop)
  20. Clementine (Country)
  21. Down in the Valley (Pop)
  22. Vive La Compagnie (Pop)
  23. The Ants Go Marching (Pop)
  24. Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Pop)
  25. The Bear Went Over the Mountain (Pop)
  26. Kumbaya (Pop)
  27. Shenendoah (Pop)
  28. Sing Your Way Home (Pop)

Volume 2: Very Silly Songs

"Get ready to laugh!"

  1. Boom Boom (Pop)
  2. Join in the Game (Pop)
  3. Little Skunk Hole (Hip Hop)
  4. Horse Stood Around (Country)
  5. Hinky Dinky Farm (Rock)
  6. The Crocodile Smile Song (Pop)
  7. 6 Little Ducks (Country)
  8. I'm a Nut (Rock)
  9. Nobody likes Me (Hip Hop)
  10. Risseldy Rosseldy (Pop)
  11. The Austrian Yodeler (Pop)

Volume 3: Rainy Day Party Songs

"Survive the storm with these fun, silly songs!"

  1. Sarasponda (Hip Hop)
  2. Hey Lolly (Hip Hop)
  3. Swanee River (Rock)
  4. Baby Bumble Bee (Pop)
  5. And The Green Grass Grew/Old McDonald Remix Medley (Disco)
  6. Bingo (Hip Hop)
  7. Nobody Likes Me Remix (Disco)
  8. The Wheels on the Bus (Hip Hop)
  9. Ants Go Marching Remix (Disco)

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