Ececutive Producers

Maurice Sendak

John B. Carls


Michael Hirsh

Patrcik Loubert

Clive A. Smith

Suspervising Producer

Stephen Hodgins

Coordinating Producer

Patricin R. Burns

Exccutives for NIckelodeon

Brown Johnson

Beth Gardiner

Line Producers

Hasmi Ciakoumis

Pamela Slavin


Raymond Jafelice

Arna Selznick


Charles E. Bastien

Post Producer

Marianne Culbert

Timing Directors

WIllard Kitchen

Assistant Directors

Gary Hurst

Dave Pemberton

Michael Stuart Bass

Second Assistant Drector

Chad Hicks

Story Editors

Neenr Beber John B. Carls

Raymond Jufelive Maurice Sendak

Story Consultant for


Todd Kessler

Script Coodinators

Bonnie Chung Diane Burstein

Beth Gardiner Tracey Oxholm


"Little Bear Theme"

"Shoulder to Shoulder"

"I Gotcha"

"Believe in You"

"Rainbow Connecion"

Produced by Nelvana Limited

In Assoication with

John B. Carls Productions Inc.


Wild Things Productions


The Canadian Broadcasting


Special Thanks

Little Bear Series @ 1996, 1997, 1998

Nelvana Limited

All Rights Reserved

Nelvana Limited is the Owner of

This Motion Picture

for the Purpose of

Copyright and Other Laws

A Nelvana Limited Production

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