Nickelodeon Bumpers

  • Nicktoons Blob
  • Nickelodeon Golf
  • Nickelodeon Song Montage
  • Nickelodeon Jungle Animals

Nick Jr Bumpers

  • Nick Jr Elephants Bumper
  • Nick Jr Rabbits Bumper

Blue's Clues Credits with Music

  • Blue's Big Holiday with (Trombone and Jingle Bells)
  • Blue's Play with (Banjo and Fiddle)
  • Blue's Big Costume Party with (Spooky Music)
  • Weight and Balance with (Flute)
  • Blue's Favorite Song with (Banjo)
  • What does Blue Drawing with (Acoustic Guitar)
  • Blue Wants to Play a Game with (Saxophone)
  • Lost Episode with (Xylophone)

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