Nicktoons' Adventures of Sailor Moon is Pikachufreak's first Nicktoons' Adventures Series and the first Nickelodeon crossover. It stars the Nicktoons Racing characters SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star (both from SpongeBob SquarePants), Tommy and Angelica Pickles (both from All Grown Up Season 2), Eliza and Darwin Thornberry (both from The Wild Thornberrys), Arnold Shortman and Helga Pataki (both from Hey Arnold), CatDog (from CatDog), Norbert and Daggett Beaver (both from The Angry Beavers), Stimpy (from The Ren and Stimpy Show) and Ickis (from Aaahh Real Monsters). Together they will join Serena Tsukino, Mina Aino, Raye Hino, Lita Kino and Amy Mizuno in their moonlight adventures. The premiere date for Nicktoons' Adventures of Sailor Moon is September 11, 1995.

Minor Guest Stars

  • Otto Rocket and Reggie Rocket (both from Rocket Power)
  • Rocko Wallaby, Heffer Wolfe and Filburt Turtle (all from Rocko's Modern Life)
  • Cliff Feltbottom, Lube Ignatius, Shriek Dubois and Rancid Rabbit (all also from CatDog)

Season 1 (1995)

Episode 1: A Moon Star Is Born

  • The Episode begins with SpongeBob and The Nicktoons arriving at Serena's house. There, they see her ready for school and she is late. They follow her outside and encounter some kids picking up on a cat. After Ickis scares them away, Serena removes the cat's bandage, revealing the crescent moon. The cat, which was named Luna, tells Serena that there's something dangerous. When she and the Nicktoons arrive at school, a very angry Patricia Haruna blames her for getting bad grades and sends her outside. There, Molly and Melvin cheer Serena up and they take her to the Sailor V video game and then to her mother's store. At the negaverse, Queen Beryl assigns The Greaser Dogs to get into the jewel store and Rancid wishes them good luck. Back at the store, Serena and The Nicktoons discover that Morga is causing trouble and Serena takes her identity as Sailor Moon. She is just about to be attacked by Morga when Darien, disguised as Tuxedo Mask tells Serena about the moon tiara magic. SpongeBob and Patrick both transfrom to The Quickster and The Elastic Waistband and they defeat Morga. After that, Serena is welcomed to the group by The Nicktoons and so do Molly and Melvin.


  • Release Date: September 11, 1995.

Episode 2: Talk Radio

  • Serena and The Nicktoons have a perfect day to do at school, when Patricia Haruna arrives late. She explains that there is a love line up ahead. Serena and The Nicktoons arrive at the Arcade and meet Andrew Foreman. He tells the gang that there will be an arcade game to do. Later, as Serena and The Nicktoons are with Molly, Darien appears and calls her Meatballhead. Molly is smitten with him and decides to do a love letter for him. However, The Greasers are with Jedite and a monster called Fro. They sneak into the roof and the gang encounter them. Serena, SpongeBob and Patrick transform and send Fro packing. After that, Jedite is about to pound Serena, when Darien arrives and Jedite and The Greasers leave. Then, Patricia Haruna is much better and she thanks the others.


  • Release Date: September 12, 1995.

Episode 3: Slim City

  • Serena and The Nicktoons are at home one day. Serena weighs herself and her cat Luna draws a fat version of Sailor Moon. Serena is upset and she and The Nicktoons decide to take a rest. By morning at school they are with Molly, Brandy and Loraine. Brandy explains that she will lose weight whenever she gets a new boyfriend and Stimpy tells her that she has Leonardo (from TMNT 2003). Loraine explains that she will also lose weight whenever she has a boyfriend, and CatDog tell her that Sakura's older brother Tori Avalon is with her. Later, Beryl and The Greasers are ready for their biggest scheme. They send Jedite to the fitness program. A little while later, Serena and the Nicktoons run into Andrew and he takes them to the restaurant, where Darien is there. After dinner, Serena and The Nicktoons return to the fitness program, only to find both Brandy and Loraine having a double date with Leonardo and Tori. Serena, SpongeBob and Patrick discover three bodybuilders on a rampage and they transform. After defeating them, they get home and Sammy plays a joke on his sister.


  • Release Date: September 13, 1995.

Episode 4: So You Want To Be A Superstar

  • Serena and The Nicktoons are with Molly, Melvin, Kari and Yumi. Kari explains that she is sisters with Kimiko Tohomiko and that she has a crush on Michelangelo (from TMNT 2003). Yumi explains that she is the second of Zachary's older sisters after Brandy and she has a crush on Crow Hogan (from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's). Rocko explains that a superstar named Saffron, which is the third of Zachary's older sisters, is holding a talent show and she has a crush on Jack Levin (from F-Zero GP Legend). At home, Serena, Molly and The Nicktoons are doing dance steps when Sammy comes in and accuses his sister Serena for doing bad singing. Later, Serena has homework to do while Molly, Melvin, Kari and Yumi are at Saffron's studio. Saffron soon discovers that there is a monster named Derela on the loose. When Serena, SpongeBob and Patrick return, they find Derela and transform to beat her. Soon, everything is back to normal and Saffron and Jack thank the others.


  • Release Date: September 14, 1995.

Episode 5: Computer School Blues

  • Serena and The Nicktoons are at school one day when they meet a new student named Amy Mizuno. She tells the others that she is an expert genius and her assistant is Jimmy Neutron. SpongeBob likes Jimmy since he's a boy genius. The two take the others to the arcade and know how to be guided. However, Jedite and The Greasers are ready for a monster called Garoben. She goes on a rampage to attack Serena and Amy and the rest of the Nicktoons. Amy and Jimmy are awakened as Sailor Mercury and Neutron Lantern and they defeat the monster. After that, they are both welcomed to the team by the others.


  • Release Date: September 15, 1995.

Episode 6: Time Bomb

  • Serena, Amy and The Nicktoons are on their travels through the store full of clocks. Amy explains that the clocks are needed for sale and Jimmy inspects with Goddard. At the lair, Jedite and The Greasers are ready for their plans to get rid of Serena and her new friend Amy. So they send Ramwoir to sneak in. Back outside, Patricia Haruna has decided that class will get cancelled because she needs many dates to do. Later, as Serena and the others are at the store, Ramwoir rampages in. The gang transform and quickly get into action. After defeating Ramwoir, the clocks are safely stored and the others are thanked by Patricia Haruna.


  • Release Date: September 18, 1995.

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