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Super Cosgrove World & Super Danny X World is a series made using Super Cosgrove World & Super Danny X World sounds and Super Cosgrove World & Super Nickelodeon World clips. Cast:

  • Carly Shay as Danny Fenton/Phantom
  • Spencer Shay as Jack Fenton
  • Rex Powers as Billy
  • True Jackson as Gumball
  • Jo Taylor as Ami
  • Zoey Brooks as Blossom
  • Jennifer Mosley as Sam Manson
  • Chase Matthews as Bubbles
  • Kacey Simon as Buttercup
  • Lola Martinez as Sly Cooper
  • Sam Puckett as Bentley
  • Cat Valentine as Murray
  • Jade West as Carmelita Fox
  • SinJin Van Cleef as Redford
  • Tori Vega as Penelope
  • Poof as Jeepers
  • Katie Knight as Darwin
  • Dana Cruz as Penny
  • Megan Parker as Wario
  • Penelope Taynt as Waluigi
  • Trina Vega as Yumi
  • Quinn Pensky as Numbuh 3
  • Robbie Sharpio as Rockhopper
  • Kendall Knight as The Lorax

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