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  • Spongebob Squarepants as Peter Griffin
  • Bessie Higgenbottom as Lois Griffin
  • Cosmo as Chris Griffin
  • Jenny Wakeman as Meg Griffin
  • Dudley Puppy as Brian Griffin (they're both white dogs)
  • Tommy Pickles as Stewie Griffin (they're both babies with little hair)
  • Timmy Turner as Glen Quagmire (he tries to get dates)
  • Manny Rivera/El Tigre as Cleveland Brown
  • Danny Fenton/Phantom as Joe Swanson
  • Catman as the Mayor (because of Adam West)
  • Bubblebass as the Giant Chicken
  • Britney Britney as Barbra Striesand
  • Chip Skylark as James Brolin

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