Timmy Turner as Milo

Jimmy Neutron as Oscar

Angelica Pickles as Bea Goldfishberg

Tommy Pickles as Albert Glass

Jenny XJ9 as Clamantha

Vicky the Babysitter as Shellsea

Denzel Crocker as Mr.Baldwin

ZIM as Jocktopus

Coach Gruber as Coach Salmons

Spongebob Squarepants as Jumbo Shrimp

Dib as Principal Stickler

Princess Oom as Koi

Mr.Turner as Mr.Mussels

Kitty Katswell as Esmargot

Cindy Vortex as Finberley

Tucker Foley as Randy Pincherson

Tootie as Piranhica

Patrick Star as Bo Gregory

Danny Phantom as Steve Jackson

Professor Calamitous as Chief

GIR as Headphone Joe

Eugene H. Krabs as Dr.Frog

Sheen Estevez and Libby as Dan and Ann Chovie

Vlad as Razor V. Doom

Ollie, Larry, and Francesco as Pass, Punt, and Fumble

Carl Wheezer as Hugh Edmonson

Angelica's Mom as Mrs.Goldfishberg

Angelica's Dad as Norman Goldfishberg

Trixie Tang as Pamela Hamster

Sandy Cheeks as Scabbo

Gaz as Bleak Molly

Judy Neutron as Bassy

Dudley Puppy as Geckos

Keswick, Agent Nutz and The Chief as Student Concil

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