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  • Eddy as Homer 
  • Lee Kanker as Marge
  • Timmy Turner as Bart
  • Cindy Vortex as Lisa
  • Kimi Finster as Maggie
  • Harold SquarePants as Abe
  • Sparky the Fairy Dog as Santa's Little Helper
  • Gary the Snail as Plopper
  • Jimmy Neutron as Milhouse
  • Nick Dean as Nelson
  • El Tigre as Ralph
  • Danny Fenton as Martin
  • Aang as Database
  • Principal Kidswatter as Principal Skinner
  • Mrs. Jewls as Ms. Hoover
  • Wanda Fairywinkle as Edna
  • Squilliam Fancyson as Dewey Largo
  • Dash Baxter as Jimbo
  • Francis as Kearney
  • Imaginary Gary as Dolph
  • Juandissimo Magnifico as Bumblebee Man
  • Pappy Turner as Jasper
  • Denzel Crocker as Mr. Burns 
  • Professor Calamitous as Smithers
  • Squidward Tentacles as Lenny
  • Larry the Lobster as Carl
  • Patrick Star as Barney
  • Mr. Krabs as Moe
  • White Pantera as Chief Wiggum
  • Iron Pinata and Gordo Gordo as Eddie and Lou
  • Cosmo Cosma as Ned
  • Blonda Fairywinkle as Maude
  • Rudy Tabootie and Snap as Rod and Todd
  • Mr. Lancer as Reverend Lovejoy
  • Trixie Tang as Jessica
  • The Crimson Chin as Radioactive Man
  • Catman as Fallout Boy
  • The Mayor of Dimmsdale as Mayor Quimby
  • Zim and GIR as Kang and Kudos
  • Big Daddy as Fat Tony
  • Uncle Piero and Uncle Carmino as Legs and Louie
  • Po the Panda as Comic Book Guy
  • Cheesy and Sleezy as Itchy and Scratchy
  • Dudley Puppy as Poochie
  • Rocko the Wallaby as Apu
  • Tommy Pickles as Baby Gerald
  • Flappy Bob as Krusty the Clown
  • Happy Peppy Gary as Sideshow Mel
  • Head Pixie and Sanderson as Sideshow Bob and Cecil
  • Bippy the Monkey as Mr. Teeny
  • Vicky the Baysitter as Selma
  • Azula as Patty
  • Dr. Rip Studwell as Dr. Hibbert
  • Tenzin as Groundskeeper Willie
  • Chet Ubetcha as Kent Brockman
  • Keswick as Professor Frink
  • Dr. Bender as Dr. Nick
  • Michelangelo as Otto
  • Otis the Cow as Cletus
  • Jorgen Von Strangle as Rainier Wolfcastle
  • Bubble Bass as Frank Grimes Sr.
  • Flatts the Flounder as Frank Grimes Jr.
  • Kevin the Sea Cucumber as Artie Ziff
  • Alphonse Perrier du von Scheck as Russ Cargill

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