• Spongebob as Iron Man (both were voiced by Tom Kenny)
  • Timmy as Captain America
  • Invader Zim as Dr. Doom
  • Cat Man as Nighthawk (both were voiced by Adam West)
  • The Shredder as Thanos
  • Dudley Puppy as Hulk
  • Jorgen as Captain Marvel
  • Katara as Jean Grey
  • Mr. Crocker as Ringmaster
  • Gir as H.E.R.B.I.E
  • El Tigre as Wolverine
  • Tooth Fairy as Ms. Marvel
  • Jenny Wakeman as Scarlet Witch
  • Gallaxhar as Egghead
  • Jimmy Neutron as Colossus
  • Danny Phantom as Reptil
  • Mr. Blik as Professor X
  • Roger Klotz as Molecule Man
  • and more

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