Nicktoons Tales

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Nicktoons Tales is a webcomic made by nicktoonhero. It is about the life of an original character, A.D.S., and his two best friends who often join him in his adventures, Timmy Turner from The Fairly OddParents, and ZIM from Invader Zim. As the Superstar of the Nicktoon Kingdom, A.D.S. has a duty to keep the Nicktoon Kingdom safe from villainy. His enemies include Vexus from My Life As A Teenage Robot, who constantly kidnaps Jenny (also from the same show), and Kaito Mizuki, who is A.D.S.' worst enemy. The series sometimes flip-flop between zany humor and drama.



The protagonist of the story. A.D.S. is a kind, heroic android designed to protect the world. He earned the title of Superstar through what happened during his first days in the Nicktoon Kingdom. A running gag is that A.D.S. is intelligent enough to invent inventions. It ranges from his Transportopod to his custom-made car. A.D.S. can also be humble, as he took in a hobo to his house in episode 5. A.D.S. cares for his friends, going so far as to view them as family.

Timmy Turner

The buck-toothed pink-clad ten-year old boy of A.D.S.' group. Timmy tends to be sarcastic and witty whenever possible. Timmy is constantly jealous of A.D.S.' fame and tries to take it for himself. However, despite this negative trait, A.D.S. and Timmy have excellent chemistry.


The hesitant alien of A.D.S.' group. No longer the egomaniacal person he used to be, ZIM is now more reserved and calm, however, he still overreacts at some things. He is A.D.S.' best friend after the events of the first Nicktoons Adventure, and both have displayed hints that they work well together.


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